THIS HISTORY of the 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized is a collaboration of Col. Allan G. Crist and Charles W. Barbour, a onetime company commander-company clerk team in old Company C.

Col. Crist, founder and editor of the National Guardsman magazine prior to his retirement, is responsible for the Organization and Training section, at least that part of it until about the time the 86th moved to Camp Cooke, Calif., and he was transferred to the II Armored Corps. Barbour, former squadron S2 sergeant and a retired newspaperman, picked up the story from there.

However, the history never could have been compiled and published without the cooperation of a great many others. To them the co-authors extend their deepest appreciation.

Foremost among them is Maj. Gen. Robert W. Grow, commanding general of the 6th Armored Division, who supplied the introduction and was a constant source of encouragement.

Others include Maj. Gen. James B. Quill, the late Col. Harry C. Brindle and Mrs. Katharine Quilici, who were so cooperative in assembling the biographies of the 86th's commanders; Col. William U. Kennon, who assisted immeasurably in the editing; the staff officers and company commanders and last but not least, the NCOs and other enlisted men who gave so willingly of their time and memories.

And we can't forget Maj. Clyde J. Burk, Maj. Paul Bogen and Capt. Cyrus R. Shockey, who with their staffs were responsible for the "Combat Record of the Sixth Armored Division" from which we "borrowed" so shamelessly, or William E. Rutledge Jr., author of the "Combat History of the Super Sixth", and George F. Hofmann, author of "The Super Sixth", whose publications proved most helpful.

Special thanks go to Edward F. Reed, secretary-treasurer of the 6th Armored Division Association, for all of his help. And to Richard M. Crossett, who designed the 86th heraldic emblem found on this site's Home Page and on the front of the book from which this site was created.

And one final, very special thanks go to James S. Gibb, the project's business manager, and those who assisted him in the actual publication.


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