APO 256, United States Army

28 July 1945



1. Under the provisions of Section IV, Circular Number 333, War Department, dated 22 December 1943, as amended, and in accordance with authority contained in 5th Indorsement, Headquarters, Third United States Army, dated 22, July 1945, to letter, Headquarters, 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized, file AG 200.6, subject: Recommendation for Distinguished Unit Citation, dated 26 April 1945, Troop D, 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Mechanized, 6th Armored Division (Reinforced) is cited for extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance in action against the enemy.

 2. Troop D, 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized, 6th Armored Division (Reinforced) distinguished itself in battle against an enemy of the United States in Germany during the period 28 March 1945 to 30 March 1945, climaxing these three days of continuous battle action with the seizure of the bridge over the Eder River, between Zennern and Obr-Mollrich, Germany. Although warned of heavy enemy resistance in the vicinity of Zennern, and being ordered to withdraw if necessary, the troop, despite the overwhelming superiority of personnel and fire power of the enemy, moved boldly into Zennern. The troop then forced its way through the town and continued its advance to the Eder River. The bridge between Zennern Obr-Mollrich was the only one remaining in the area; its seizure was necessary for an attack against the important center of Kassel. Reconnaissance showed the bridge to be prepared for demolition and heavily defended on all sides by a superior force of enemy troops. Every man in the unit realized the possibly suicide nature of the mission for the enemy had concentrated a murderous fire on the bridge ahead of them and was standing by ready to blow it. Without hesitation every available automatic weapon in the troop opened up and the entire column charged across the bridge straight into the enemy's position and into the main street of Obr-Mollrich through a hail of artillery, and direct anti-aircraft fire, advancing so rapidly that the leading armored car ran down enemy soldiers in the street. For four hours this unit then repulsed enemy attempts to destroy the bridge and to reduce the bridgehead, until finally the enemy was driven from the town and the explosive charges were removed. Only through the extraordinary heroism, the display of gallantry, the dogged determination and the superior "esprit de corps" on the part of every member of the troop and its attachments was this vital bridgehead so quickly established against such overwhelming odds--enabling elements of three divisions to continue the attack on Kassel. This superior action of the troop was in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service.



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