This page is dedicated to the 15 men of the 6th Armored Division at the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

One is on the Wall of the Missing, one served with the independent 253rd AFA Bn which was temporarily attached to the Division during the Battle of the Bulge, and one was a combat photographer with the 166th Signal Photo Co., who was actually killed while attached to the 90th Division, several days before the 6th Armored Division entered combat.

Compared to the cemeteries at Luxembourg, Brittany, and Lorraine, which each have over 100 Sixers, the Normandy cemetery has relatively few members of the 6th Armored Division. That's because the Division did not come ashore at Utah Beach until six weeks after D-Day, and did not start suffering major casualties until it was almost into Brittany.

The individual photos of the grave stones below were taken on the morning of Sunday, April 8, 2012.

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Names, organized alphabetically within unit and with links to individual grave stones, are listed below at Sixers Interred at Normandy

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Bruce Frederick
April 30, 2012

Wall of the Missing

Grave Markers

Sixers Interred at Normandy

The names below are organized alphabetically within the unit they served with. Click on a name to view the individual grave stone or listing on the Wall of the Missing.

If you are planning to visit the cemetery at Normandy and would like a listing of 6th Armored Division men buried there, organized by plot location, please feel free to download the following PDF: MEMBERS OF THE US 6TH ARMORED DIVISION INTERRED AT THE NORMANDY AMERICAN CEMETERY AND MEMORIAL, ORGANIZED BY PLOT.

A master listing of ALL Sixers buried or memorialized in ABMC cemeteries in Europe is available at ALL MEMBERS OF THE US 6TH ARMORED DIVISION INTERRED AT ABMC CEMETERIES IN EUROPE, ORGANIZED BY UNIT.

(This section would not have been possible without the terrific ABMC database search page.)

Name | Unit | Rank | Ser No | State | Date of Death | Plot | Row | Grave | Cem
CANNING JOSEPH G HQ SGT 33157818 PA 1-Aug-44 I 19 28 NO
CONKLIN NORMAN H MP PLAT PFC 12077092 NJ 27-Jul-44 C 1 44 NO
O'NEIL GEORGE F 86 RCN TEC5 32312753 NY 1-Aug-44 C 16 37 NO
RISKO PAUL 86 RCN SGT 35029296 OH 29-Jul-44 C 7 9 NO
RAUSCHER WILLIAM E 15 TANK PVT 35375693 WV 1-Aug-44 E 2 16 NO
TRIMBLE THOMAS A 15 TANK PVT 32290769 NY 2-Aug-44 A 17 21 NO
WALLS WILLIAM H 68 TANK PVT 35476913 IN 31-Jul-44 D 18 27 NO
SHEETS JOHN L 69 TANK TEC5 35400642 OH 30-Jul-44 D 26 4 NO
CROMBIE JOHN 44 AIB PVT 12077063 NJ 24-Aug-44 C 17 37 NO
BOYD ROCHESTER SR 3398 QM TRUCK TEC5 34785996 FL 1-Aug-44 B 11 14 NO
HUTCHISON DONALD F 231 FA BN PVT 20746701 MO 1-Aug-44 C 24 15 NO
TOWNLEY JOHN H 231 FA BN 1LT O-1184317 NJ 3-Aug-44 0 0 0 NO
Note: 1LT Shadden was actually attached to the 90th Division when he was killed, but the ABMC database lists him as belonging to the 6th Armored Division.
SHADDEN EVERETT W 166 SIG PHOTO 1LT O-496183 CA 22-Jul-44 D 7 47 NO
Note: The independent 253 AFA Bn was a temporary attachment through the Battle of the Bulge. The ABMC database includes this unit as a part of the 6th Armored Division. Interestingly, the 253rd would become a permanent part of the 6th Armored Division in the 1950s in their incarnation as training units at Fort Leonard Wood.
MCKINNEY WALTER P J 253 FA BN TEC5 35646122 WV 19-Aug-44 C 6 26 NO