The Paul A. Warp Collection - Photos from January 1942 to November 1945 - Plus Maps, Sixth Armored Association and 68th Tank Battalion Association Newsletters, are now available on a DVD for $25 (this includes shipping and handling).

My name is Paula Warp. My father, Paul A. Warp, played a big part in organizing the Sixth Armored Division Association and the 68th Tank Battalion Association. He served on the Board, was President in 1951, and for decades was the unofficial publicist and photographer for these organizations.

On November 17, 2008, I donated my father's two leather-bound photo albums, each measures 19"x 24" with 290 pages of photos, almost all with captions, original artwork, maps and newsletters, to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. I wanted these treasures to be preserved in a place where relatives and friends of my father's fellow "Super Sixers" could see what "Daddy did in the War." It is referenced as The Paul A. Warp Collection.

Before donating the books, I made a digital record for my family to have. I took a picture of each page and every photo on each page, appoximately 2,000 images. I know it took Paul Warp years to assemble these books. Yet, even with modern day technology, I spent over 50 hours taking the initial images and 18 hours scanning Sixth Armored Association and 68th Tank Battalion Association Newsletters. The post-processing of those images to create this DVD took another 70 hours.

Once I completed the project, I realized these images should be shared with relatives and friends of these wonderful men and women pictured in the books. Also, those interested in the history of the Sixth Armored Division could benefit from my father's "view" of the War. Therefore I decided to sell copies of the original DVD.


TO ORDER: Send a check for $25 payable to Paula Warp
Paula Warp
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Please include your mailing address and phone number.

I would also be interested to know what your relationship/interest is to the Sixth Armored Division.

Thank you.


Additional Info

Contents and Organization

Donated November 17, 2008, to LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
Veterans History Project - "Paul A. Warp Collection"
Omaha World-Herald Article - November 18, 2008
BOOK 1: January 16, 1942 - January 23, 1944 (Pages 1 to 190)
BOOK 2: January 23, 1944 - November 26, 1945 (Pages 190A -267)
FOLDER 1: Pages 1-76
January 16, 1942 - November 1942
Ft. Knox Co. C 7th Armored Replacement Battalion
5th Battalion in Parade
Gunnery Bivouac - Cedar Creek Range
FOLDER 2: Pages 77-110
December 1, 1942 - March 13, 1943
p. 84-85 Rosiland Russell Christmas Party 12-26-42
D Co. & F Co.
Camp Young Desert Training Center
FOLDER 3: Pages 111-190
CAMP COOKE, CA - March 1943 - January 1944
p. 111-156 58th Armored Regiment
p. 147 Joe DiMaggio
p. 157-187 68TH Armored Regiment HQRS CO.
FOLDER 4: Pages 190A to 225
February 1944 - April 1945
In England February to July
July 23, 1944 Cross English Channel
Race to Brest - p. 195-212
France, Belgium - p. 213
Enter Germany - p. 214-225
Buchenwald - p. 225
FOLDER 5: Pages 226-258
May 8, 1945 to September 1945
VE Day - Apolda, Germany
Patton Reviews 6th AD, Zellhausen, Germany p. 243
Preparing to leave Europe - Camp Phillip Morris
Aboard ship ?Marine Angel?
NYC Skyline, Statue of Liberty, Camp Shanks - Good-byes
Combat Route 6th AD in WWII (dated 1972) p. 266
Campaigns of the Super Sixth AD (orig. 1940s) p.267
FOLDER 7: 1945 to 1951
Reunion Photos
Chicago 1946, Ft. Knox 1948 p. 254
Columbus 1951 p.259-264
Past Presidents 6th Armored Assoc. p. 265
& Past Presidents Auxiliary (dated 1972)
6TH A D Association Newsletters 1947-1952
?Voice of the Fighting Turtle? 1947-1950
Official Organ of the 68th Tank Battalion Association


Sample Pages

To get a feel for what's on this DVD, we have uploaded the contents of just one page. The first link points to the photo of the entire page. The other links are close-ups of the 17 photos found on that page:

Page 196, Overview
Page 196, Photo #01
Page 196, Photo #02
Page 196, Photo #03
Page 196, Photo #04
Page 196, Photo #05
Page 196, Photo #06
Page 196, Photo #07
Page 196, Photo #08
Page 196, Photo #09
Page 196, Photo #10
Page 196, Photo #11
Page 196, Photo #12
Page 196, Photo #13
Page 196, Photo #14
Page 196, Photo #15
Page 196, Photo #16
Page 196, Photo #17