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50th Armored Infantry Battalion

Our Proud History

This section of the 6th Armored Division web site contains the complete text and pictures of the History of the 50th Armored Infantry Battalion.

[Web editor's note: Web pages created by Marian Deeney. This document was originally published in 1945 as a softbound booklet. I have tried to stay true to the book's original format as much as possible, while making some changes for web presentation. The publication has a number of typographical errors that I have left as is and added a correction in brackets. All content, except for the web editor notes and corrections in brackets, is as originally published. M.D. -- 11/11/07]

Front Pages
Lieutenant Colonel Albert N. Ward Jr.
Our Battlefield Commissoned Officers
Awards and Commendations
Battalion Staff
Killed in Action
Our Coat of Arms
Along the Road to Combat
The Sunday Punch
Driving Through Brittany
Guipavas and Hill 105
Clearing the Daoulas Peninsula
Into the Mud of Lorraine
Along the Moselle
50th AIB in the Battle of the Bulge
The Last Bulwark
Germany Surrenders
Names and Addresses
    Enlisted Men
      Headquarters Company
      Company A
      Company B
      Company C
      Service Company
      Medical Department

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