Sixers Buried in Europe

Many 6th Armored Division members who were killed in the E.T.O. are buried or memorialized at one of the beautiful American cemeteries in Europe maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission. We have a growing amount of information on this web site about these Sixers who never came home.

Virutal Tours of Sixer Grave Sites at ABMC Cemeteries

In 2010 and 2012, my family visited the ABMC Cemeteries and Memorials at Luxembourg, Normandy, and Brittany. To prepare for these visits, I used the ABMC database to compile lists of all Sixers interred in Europe and created downloadable PDFs, listing these Sixers by unit and by plot location. With the help of family members and Daniel Reiland of the "US Veterans Friends, Luxembourg" (USVFL), we have also been able to photograph almost every Sixer grave marker and Table of the Missing inscription at these three cemeteries. We will add the others as time permits.

Hamm, Luxembourg (July 2010) PDF

Normandy, France (April 2012) PDF

Brittany, France (April 2012) PDF

Cambridge, England (TBD) PDF

Ardennes, Belgium (TBD) PDF

Epinal, France (TBD) PDF

Henri-Chappelle, Belgium (TBD) PDF

Lorraine, France (TBD) PDF

Margraten, Netherlands (TBD) PDF

PDF of ALL Sixers interred in Europe, Organized by Unit

ARCHIVES: Scanned Images of Hard Copy Printouts

Several years ago, Vince Gish of the the Super Sixth's 25th Armored Engineer Bn. acquired printouts from the ABMC listing every Sixer interred in Europe. The quality of the printouts was difficult to scan, and we were unable to convert them to searchable text, but the scans are presented below. Note that the ABMC database is corrected whenever errors are found, so the information below is no longer 100% up-to-date. The recently-compiled PDFs mentioned above are much more accurate, but of course, for the most accurate information, you should go directly to the ABMC database at

Ardennes, Belgium

Brittany, France, page 1
Brittany, France, page 2
Brittany, France, page 3

Cambridge, England

Epinal, France

Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, page 1
Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, page 2

Lorraine, France, page 1
Lorraine, France, page 2
Lorraine, France, page 3
Lorraine, France, page 4
Lorraine, France, page 5

Hamm, Luxembourg, page 1
Hamm, Luxembourg, page 2
Hamm, Luxembourg, page 3
Hamm, Luxembourg, page 4

Margraten, Netherlands

Normandy, France

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